A playschool experience

Parents of playschool kids. Huddled together in the school-room. Awaiting their little stars. Who were going to enter the room and one by one, stand in front and sing rhythmic melodies.

First, the girls were ushered in. All of four years and looking prim and proper, they all filed in with super poise and purpose. They sat down as indicated and almost seemed to have a sense of occassion about the whole event. As each girl stood up and approached the center to sing, the rest maintained an astonishing degree of calmness and audience discipline. For four year olds, this was special.

Then, the boys were ushered in. By the way they conducted themselves, we all felt a familiar touch to the proceedings. They straggled, strayed from their sitting place and did all the things that we expect four year old kids to do.

On the way back from the event, my wife shared her appreciation of how the girls conducted themselves.

I wasn’t so sure. And when I explained why, she agreed with me.


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2 thoughts on “A playschool experience

  1. Chaula

    Good observation …how gender influences children is interesting and very critical in society ..

    In this small impacts ..we observe and maybe began the change ..

    I recently surprised my niece by gifting her cars and nephew by gifting him knitting material..they were 9 and 6 at that time ..i loved the shock in their eyes…on their face ..they ofcourse did not give any fancy, pretentious words to hide their experiences..it was unforgetable experience to all of us who observed ..who were aligned to them..

    They are open…let us give them that world..where gender influence is reduced or removed ( which ofcourse is almost next to impossible)

    Let us try and do our small bit ..

    For me now –

    I have stopped good girl/boy and bad girl/boy with children in my conversation ….


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