It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves – Edmund Hillary.



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I do my best to help people live happier, successful lives. My contribution is in helping them to learn and change. I work with individuals in their personal capacity. I also help organizations run better by working on how organizations learn and change.

The focus of my work is on aligning with fundamental truths and timeless principles. An example of a fundamental truth is you can best succeed by using your strengths. A related timeless principle is to organize people by making their strengths productive and weaknesses irrelevant. Another example of a fundamental truth is you can do anything you want to do in your life, but you cannot do everything. A related timeless principle is to identify what is it that only you can do that makes a significant difference. And then to do it.

The emphasis is on understanding the bigger picture. To know how different parts of your life or your organization interact. To uncover a pattern or a trend. To find out what structures – of beliefs,habits, or actions have given rise to such a pattern or trend. To identify key leverage-points for change. And to work on those leverage points.

To know what matters. To do more with less. To search for wisdom. To let go. To surrender. And to never give up. To embrace the paradox of everything there is!

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What is coaching?

There is a gap between your current reality and desired future. Coaching is all about executing a well-devised plan to bridge this gap. There are three parts to it – know the gap, make a plan, work the plan.

what Is Different About Coaching?

Coaching honours you as the best source for all the answers you have been waiting for. We believe the coachee has all the resources within – to succeed.

Is Coaching For You?

It is difficult to convey what coaching as an experience is. You have got to experience it! Coaching respects you as a unique individual.