Action points

On this regularly updated page, you will find simple, short ideas. The ideas are stolen from everywhere. They are chosen for their ability to provoke first thought, and then, action.

1) The idea : Creating a pause, a space between stimulus and response.

Idea in action : You had decided not to get angry. And you find you have lost control. Simply affirm to yourself, “ So and so..has happened. And I choose to get angry.” Use the words, “I choose.”


2) The idea : Reminder of your time-bound priority of the day.

Idea in action : In the midst of your busy day, you are through with the immediate task. Whenever you get free, even if you have a to-do list, ask this question, “ What is the best available use of my time right now?” This makes you do a quick assessment of how you are progressing.


3) The idea : Designing commitment into your exercise routine.

Idea in action : The best thing – sleep in your workout clothes, offer to pick up your most committed gym buddy, Set up your home treadmill for use in the night itself. Second best – keep your workout clothes just beside you , get the committed gym buddy to come pick you up. Go for the best!


4) The idea : Facing your task before getting distracted.

Idea in action : Put the book over the television remote. Wrap your car keys in a paper that has, “ Done with your work. Are you committed?” written in bold. Put a sticky note application on your laptop that asks you every 20 minutes, “ Doing what you set out to do?” as a flashing message. Persist even if you falter. Also, try something new.


5) The idea : Filling life with gratitude

Idea in action : Choose a friend or anybody you feel comfortable sharing things with. Every night, send a message to that person, “ Today, I am thankful about …” and mention at least five things. You can start with one and build to five. Encourage the person to share the same about their own day with you.