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I am a professional helper.

I enable you to make change stick. If you are learning to change something for the better, I am in it with you.
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I work with you as a ?

➔ facilitator

➔ executive coach

➔ life coach

➔ trainer

➔ organizational consultant

depending on whether you are an individual, a group or an organization.

In which areas?

In everything related to personal development, career progress, professional excellence and organizational success.

Specifically, it would be

➔ Individuals – Coaching on their goals and success plans.

➔ Groups – Training or facilitation on managing, communication, teams, anything work-related.

➔ Leadership – Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching, Executive Coaching.

➔ Organizations – Consulting on leadership development and organizational       effectiveness.


Here is what helps the change stick

➢ Being purpose-driven & reaffirming purpose at every point.➢ Using Peter Drucker’s thought as the foundation.

➢ Learning how to learn.

➢ Systems thinking to improve the whole, not just the parts.

➢ Balancing the short-term and the long-term.

➢ Balancing both change and continuity.

➢ Thiagi’s activity-based learning in training programs.

➢ Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching for making leaders even more successful.

➢ Group facilitation for solutions created by learners in the true spirit of facilitation.

➢ Power-coaching with Mind-Kinetics (PCMK) for ‘whole-brain’ solutions. And here is what I have learnt by way of acquired experiences.

➢ Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching

➢ Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics (PCMK) – whole-brain coaching for aligning beliefs, values & purpose ( CLI, Canada)

➢ DISC ➢ NLP (Sue Knight, UK)

➢ MBA – HR & Masters in International Relations (Mumbai University Gold medallist)

➢ Essential Facilitation Skills

➢ Visiting Faculty for Organization Behaviour at MET, Mumbai.