A Drucker quote & the fun a Devil’s advocate has with it!

Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion, and under-performance.

Everything else requires leadership

– Peter Drucker.

Here is what the Devil will say!

Employee engagement is the oil for easing the friction without removing the cause.

Organizational charts are the boxes where confusion is stuffed in.

Business analysis is the drainage system for under-performance.

Leadership is the art of juggling boxes with oily hands & draining away the tell-tale signs!

2 thoughts on “A Drucker quote & the fun a Devil’s advocate has with it!

  1. Ajay Yadav, A student from MIM

    That made me understand the present scenario of an organization’s functioning in easier way. Though I understood every persona of the organizational parts,” the Organizational charts where the confusion is stuffed in”; this part if quite confusing for me 😀 .
    As far as I understand, The organization charts are generally the depiction of hierarchy of people(from top to bottom), So were you trying to elaborate as the confusion lies in those people from Organizational Chart? This might seem some sort of silly question 😀 But I thought to ask.

    Thanks Rahul , it was short and easy to understand post.

    1. Rahul Vitekar Post author

      Hi Ajay,

      I was just trying my hand at black humour.

      An interpretation of reality meant to amuse!

      Thank you for your comments.

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