A leader’s impact – what do you seek for yourself?

A leader has an impact. What kind appeals to you between the two that I share.

The first impact.

“I have full faith in my leader. I don’t have to think”

This impact makes you as the follower feel everything is being taken care of. You do not have to figure anything out on your own. The leader has planted in you the vision. The leader has pointed to the destination and chalked out the path. The leader is walking down that path. All that is left for you to do is follow. Success is guaranteed by the leader.

The second impact.

” I have full faith in myself. My leader makes me think”

This impact makes you as the follower feel that everything is not taken care of till you take care of a few things. And you have to figure out a lot of things.The leader has shared a vision with you. The vision makes you see how you have it in you to uncover the destination and create a path.  You see yourself walking down that path along with others. Success is not guaranteed by the leader.

Which impact would you prefer?

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