A spiritual leader speaks on ‘Conscious leadership’

I listened to Radhanath Swami on Saturday. His book, ‘ A journey home’ is a beautiful read. The event was organized by Artha forum, an endeavour that seeks to tap into ancient wisdom for the lessons it can offer to modern business.

Here are the two things that are the heart of the matter to me. I use my words to convey his message whenever I cannot remember it verbatim.

1) Kunti in Mahabharata had this to say, ” The disqualification for enlightenment and self-realization or – whatever word you resonate with – is having too much of ….too much of wealth, too much of…beauty, too much of…skills, too much of… education…too much of power.” When you have too much of a worldly good, you tend to become arrogant. You lose your bearings. You lose your way.

2) What is the way to overcome this challenge? To not be accursed on account of having too much. Radhanath Swami invoked the idea of trusteeship, an idea steeped in India’s historical and cultural heritage. How does it work? Considereverything as the property of God. And know yourself to be a care-taker. Are you aware of your mortal life? What are you going to take away with you? Nothing.

Whether it is wealth, beauty, skills, education, power; look at yourself as the care-taker who has been entrusted with the gift..the gift of wealth, beauty, skills, education & power.

The gift is not yours. You take care of it. You make it count. You create a better world with it. As a care-taker. And then, you pass it on, having made it even more divine because of your spirit of contribution. You serve the world with love and compassion.

This is the conscious leadership the world really needs.

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