Stranded in a sector?

Quite a few people experience being stuck in their jobs, especially their sectors. Dissatisfied at work, they bide their time for years. They shun jobs within the sector, as they want to make the switch.

As time goes by, they are frustrated waiting for that one elusive call from a recruiter looking to place them in a different sector. And when that call comes, it admittedly looks a little too average, too common-place. It is an unexceptional job on all counts. The only thing it has going for it is your sector-switch.

Let us say, you are marooned on an island for years. You are self-sufficient on the island replete with all the resources a human needs to survive. But you pine for human company, to rejoin civilization. You never sight any ship after countless hours of keeping watch. You languish on this island for years. Survival on the island is not at all a challenge, getting out is.

One day, a small, worn-out but sea-worthy boat miraculously kisses the shore of your island. An uncouth fisherman is barely civil when you want to get on-board.

What will you do then? Will you go?

Of course, you will! Your best chance in getting to favourable destinations is in starting your voyage. Once you are onto the open seas in the small boat, you increase the chances of coming across larger ships crisscrossing the ocean in different directions.

What is interesting is that only small boats can actually reach the shores of the island. Only they have the capability to come in and go out.

The unexceptional job is the small boat.

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