Traffic woes & Organizational response

Traffic congestion is assuming nightmarish proportions in all big cities. And yet, how many organizations believe it is a crucial part of the ecosystem in which they function? And how many reconfigure how they work in response?

Adaptive companies see an opportunity to redesign work – flow, demonstrate faith in the work force by creatively exploring flexible work-practices. Staggered work timings, Work-from-home, Virtual collaboration are just a few.

The shift occurs when you look at the challenge in terms of effectiveness rather than mere efficiency. When you are effective, you ask, ‘ What are the right things to do in the face of such traffic woes that dent employee energies by the time they reach the workplace?’

Efficient ones will ask, How can we do the usual right? ‘ The usual means – getting employees to be on time at the designated work hour.

What holds leaders & decision-makers back? Familiar reasons – Loss of control & predictability. The Routine is so comforting! And yet, so much is possible if only we are willing to cast aside the routine.

It requires trust & faith – unfamiliar blips on radar screens used to monitoring hard data. As Peter Drucker said, what makes all the difference is to spot the visible that is as yet unseen!

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