What Google’s doodles teach us?

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

In the main, Google commemorates landmark events, festivals, achievements,icons in the form of doodles on its home page. Thoughfully suited to region and country sometimes.

What is significant is that Google makes it a point to feature doodles on achievements and achievers that are relatively obscure or distant for a world used to consume todays information yesterday. Scientists, astronomers, artists are prominent in the selection. And more often than not, the ones featured are those whose pioneering contributions of great historical, scientific, and cultural importance have led to the breakthroughs we may know of. These people are the giants on whose shoulders the famous and well-known achievers have stood.

In doing this, Google does not just organize the world’s information, but digs up gems long buried under the sands of time. This is thinking beyond eyeballs and click-throughs.

This is putting your hand-up, and taking a stand saying , ” We believe this is significant, worth-knowing, and appreciating. This has enriched our world in ways you may not be aware of. We invite you to share in”

Can we expand the horizons of those we engage in a similar way? It is easier to come up with the risks involved. Can we imagine the opportunities of doing so? Of leading change.

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