When it rains

When it rains..

I smell new books. I hear the crackle of brown paper-covers; a dress for the new books. I scamper across to hold my own school dress – a crisp white shirt and blue shorts. I see the rain chase away street urchins, and lo behold! The pranksters with no mom and dad to rein them stand their ground and put their face up to the rain, a playfully defiant gaze at the sky, saying, ‘show me what you have got!’

I envy those kids, our vacation is over; they know no school, no regimented life. They know freedom like I have never known!

I count my hours of freedom in school, the short recess, the long one, the free periods, the bunked ones! For me and my school friends, the rains bring mixed tidings.. We are thrilled to be back together after the vacation; and stare blankly from our long corridor towards our school ground; our field of dreams submerged under the water. Cricket is out..Damn the rains..

And then our eyes light up!The beautiful game. Football. A coconut shell, a rubber ball, a plastic one, anything becomes a football for frenzied minds, young legs, eager hearts!

I allow myself a devilish smile as I put on the brand new school dress.. Soon, it will be chikkal-brown, just like the book covers!

When it rains, the memories pour out of the sky!

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