A Man for All Seasons

Leadership is a foul-weather job, said Peter Drucker. Indeed it is. As a global pandemic demands the best leadership calls to be made, we find that the unheralded few have done an exceptional job. Mongolia as a country is one of them. Jacinda Ardern as a leader is another. The vast majority of countries and leaders have middling results so far.

Watching ‘A Man for All Seasons’, the meaning of the words integrity and conscience glow like a dying ember. Thomas More, like Socrates before him chose to die. For integrity. To heed the call of conscience. 

What are such people driven by? What impact do they have in the Human story?

As most present-day leaders flounder, is it a coincidence that we don’t hear words like integrity and conscience being used?

Are they beyond the reach of most people? Not really.

It’s just a matter of couple of hours. 

A Man for All Seasons won 4 awards at the 1967 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Actor.

Beautiful movie.









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