LeaderPlay – Compensating for flawed employment

Sometimes, I believe that compensation is the perfect word for high salary packages.

As leadership positions dwindle, how else can you compensate an ambitious performer who had been misled into believing he or she will be at the top of the heap one day.

The unspoken truth about personal development within organisations is that the potential for self-growth for individuals working under the same setup for long is limited. There is no real exposure to the sheer range and diversity of the world outside. This exposure makes so much of a difference.You compensate the ambitious performer for not being able to provide them that; after all, you want your best racehorses cooped up in the stable.

Funnily enough, the organisation can avoid this compensation by rethinking why it has to prevent employees from seeking substantive growth experiences elsewhere, if not outright multiple employment. And it is a win for the organisation as well.

Enabling your employee to engage uninhibitedly with the world is the best engagement strategy one can think of. Universities who demand that full-time faculty also take on consulting assignments know why this works. The educator bursts out of the academic bubble and floats into the real world. And is better for the experience.

Imagine an organisation giving complete freedom to employees on restructuring their employment contract – lesser days, multiple jobs on the menu!

Loyalty is the elephant in the room that tramples upon such bold imagination. Organisations believe employee loyalty is the glue that holds things together. It does. But not in a necessarily good way.

84% of employees in the world are not really engaged at work. And a vast majority don’t quit. It would have been better if they had, because then we would all wake up! We would just tear things apart like kids who break down sand castles on the beach. And then, playfully ask – what do we want to build again! Instead, people are wasting themselves away by offering to stay back and their employers are relieved that there will be people turning up for work tomorrow ; each side compensating the other for messing things up.

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