Doing what we love. Not quite.

There is a widespread belief that once we know what we love doing, everything will fall in place for us.

I believe it is worthwhile to know who we are first. Rather than figuring out what we love to do.

In figuring out what we love,we tie ourselves in knots.We look for a pedestal.We stand our ground to know what we are.

That does not mean it is easy. I have taken a long time to know who I am. And my answer takes on subtle shades of meaning when I continue asking. The answer can change, but that is fine.

As long as what I do is an outcome of who I really am at one specific point in time, I believe I can cherish the work as a form of self-expression, as a means of contribution. Even if I change later on. I accept everything, including my responsibility for the actions, and their consequences.

Of course, what we love matters & matters a lot. And if we truly love something, it is an expression of what we are. But when we deliberately prod ourselves to search for what we love, we are literally barking up the wrong tree; or branch.

Love is the branch. Being is the roots.

Nourishing the roots makes the branches spread out & grow.

When we nourish who we are & expand outwards, the result is a labour of love.

It is better to do what we are.




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