Organizing Ignorance

Not ignorance, but ignorance of ignorance is the death of knowledge.
– Alfred North Whitehead

Indeed, Peter Drucker used to emphasize that what matters more is not how much you know, but how aware you are of what you do not know. He used to say that we should organize our ignorance. Organising helps us become aware of the structure of our knowledge and understanding and the limits thereof.

For example. All of our knowledge of AI and robotics and it’s potential impact is important. What is it that we do not know and are perhaps not even aware of?!

What we do not know or not strongly aware of is our own self-conception of being human and how intimately our ‘self-efficacy’ as a species is tied up with technology. We are ignorant about how profoundly AI and robotics is going to interrogate the meaning of being human.

The more we explore and organize ignorance, the more we make visible the dark space within which the Knowledge Universe exists.

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