Thappad : A movie for men too

Thappad is a movie that invites men to reflect on their role in making a society that gives women a raw deal.

A husband slaps his wife and she has an epiphany. She realises this is not the life she had signed up for. And that she no longer loves her husband.

The husband tries to use the law to get her back from her parents place. She decides to file for divorce. And finds that everyone wants her to let it go because it was just one slap.

The movie shows how difficult it is for the social world around the wife to accept her decision.

The movie ends with searching questions about the meaning of life, love and togetherness. Facing upto these questions is a tremendous act of courage for both women and men.

Rainer Maria Rilke invites us on the other side when we surrender ourselves to loving compassion.

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