Free Solo – Of Heights & the Abyss

A ‘free solo’ climbs mountains alone without ropes.

Only 1% of whose who climb are free soloists. And as there is zero margin for error, there are many who die.

Not a life that most of us lead.

Pic courtesy – indie wire


And yet, the greatest achievement of Free Solo is that we cannot not ask the same questions for ourselves that the documentary asks about Alex Honnold.

What does he seek out of life?

How does he regard death?

And how does living life on the razor’s edge -where he could die any moment- impact his overall life ?

And that is what makes ‘Free Solo’ such a compelling watch.

Pic Courtesy – National Geographic

You will ask the same questions about your own life, even when his life is so different from yours.

We all have our own mountains to climb. Known only to us.

Pic Courtesy – Alex Honnold

As of October 2021, in India, Free Solo is available for viewing here




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